The Conflux Story – Download Game

The Conflux Story is a dark and atmospheric pixel art adventure in which you solve puzzles, battle monsters and talk to your pet dog as you delve deep into a sewer system to find your crush’s lost guitar.

In The Read More

Video Games – Download Game

Video Games is a super tough multitasking game that sees you trying to survive as long as possible while attempting to control multiple arcade mini games at once.

In Video Games you’re given a mixture of small tasks to perform, … Read More

Normal Human Face Simulator – Download Game

Normal Human Face Simulator is a wonderfully grotesque combat game in which you literally bite the face off your opponent!

The aim in Normal Human Face Simulator is to destroy your opponent’s face by lunging at them, biting them and … Read More

Boolean Escape – Download Game

Boolean Escape is a creepy and disorientating first person puzzle game that sees you attempting to escape a shifting labyrinthine maze and use the keys created by previous players to escape (or trap you for eternity).

In Boolean Escape you … Read More

Photon Highway – Download Game

Photon Highway is a very cool futuristic tube racer that balances risk with reward as you weave your way through it’s stylish procedurally generated raceways.

In Photon Highway your aim is to make it through 10 distinct areas along hazard-filled … Read More

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