Anti Chess – Browser Game

anti chess game

Anti Chess is a great new twist on an age old game, in which the only way to win is to lose all your pieces!

Losing all your pieces may sound like an east task, but it’s actually just as … Read More

Deck Dungeon – Browser Game

Deck Dungeon game

Deck Dungeon is a very addictive card based dungeon crawler in which you fight enemies, collect loot, purchase weapons, level up and battle bosses – all by just selecting from a choice of the three cards drawn for each round.… Read More

Xenopunch – Browser Game

Xenopunch game

Xenopunch is a fun little arcade combat game that plays like a little like if Megaman was an arena brawler – with you beating up enemies, then fighting bosses and gaining their abilities.

Created for Ludum Dare 37, in XenopunchRead More

Healthy Breakfast – Download Game

Healthy Breakfast game

Healthy Breakfast is a short, silly and surreal first person puzzle adventure full of optical trickery and pink flamingoes, in which you make your way through a labyrinthine maze to find a donut.

It’s wise to never fully trust what … Read More

Nest – Download Game

nest game download

Nest is a brain melting puzzler in which all you have to do is walk around a short maze a few times. While walking around a little maze a few times may sound like an easy task, it really isn’t … Read More

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