The Evolution of Trust – Browser Game

The EVolution of Trust Game

The Evolution of Trust is a cleverly designed little thought experiment that uses game theory to explain why there’s currently such an epidemic of distrust and how friends become enemies in peacetime, while enemies can become allies in wartime.

The Read More – Browser Game

NitroClash io Game is essentially a browser based top down mouse-controlled multiplayer Rocket League, with teams of players chaotically chasing a ball around, attempting to knock it into the oppositions net.

Much like in Rocket League, features fast paced five … Read More

Perspectum – Game Download

Perspectum Game

Perspectum is a short, stylish and inventive little perspective-based puzzler that sees you manipulating objects until they fit into the game world.

In each level of Perspectum you manipulate the objects before you using the mouse, positioning them in such … Read More

Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief – Download Game

Halen Ballad of the Blad thief Game Download

Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief is a slick third person action platforming adventure with a great sense of humor in which you and a sentient sword attempt to escape from a deadly robot-filled temple.

In Halen: Ballad of the Read More

Symmetry – Download Game

Symmetry Game Download

Symmetry is a truly horrific Creepypasta inspired first person narrative game in which you play a woman who is completely obsessed with symmetry but has one physical ‘flaw’ – the color of her eyeballs don’t match.

In Symmetry you play … Read More

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