02:32 – Browser Game

02:32 is a short and intense 2D psychological horror game where you move into a house that’s home to a demon with a penchant for eyes.

In 02:32 you take on the role of a young man who has to carry out a couple of tasks (take out the trash and unpack moving boxes) before going to bed. This is actually fairly easy, but when you do actually go to bed things get weird, and you’re visited by a demon who wants some eyeballs…

It only takes around five minutes to play through 02:32 and the text is all in Russian, but it’s a great little horror game nonetheless. The pixel artwork is excellent and things get very unsettling and surreal once the demon arrives. A Five minute horror game that’ll freak you out.

Note: The Russian text at the start says “I’ll finish my stuff and go to bed” and when the demon appears it says “Bring me the Eyes or I will take yours”.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement/Interaction

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play 02:32 Here

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