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0x0D game

0x0D is a tricky arcade shooter that brings bullet time to bullet hell, as you can slow down time to absorb bullets, then fire them back at your enemies.

Success in 0x0D is all about balancing your energy. Your energy depletes every time you get shot or use your bullet time, and replenishes when not using bullet time. You have a very limited supply of bullets, but can collect enemy bullets while in bullet time. While in bullet time time slows to a crawl, but you can still move at your normal speed, allowing you to line up your shots and collect those enemy bullets to replenish your supply. This may sound like it would make 0x0D a little too easy, but it’s really not, as you have to limit your use of bullet time to keep your energy levels up (and you also want to keep your energy levels quite low to get a higher score).

It’s a fun game, with a great visual style and an interesting mix of bullet time, bullet collecting and bullet hell that makes for a very strategic take on the shoot-em-up genre. Super cool slow mo shooting.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement,  Z – Shoot,  A – Bullet Time

Available On:  Windows Only

Download 0x0D Here

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