1 Teratoaster – Downloadable Game

1 Tetratoaster

1 Teratoaster is a fun puzzle adventure in which you fly around the galaxy, greeting aliens in culturally specific ways and selling them toasters – with an aim of selling 1 trillion toasters in total.

In order to ingratiate yourself with the different alien species, you’ll have to learn and perform each ones specific greeting – which can range from simple hand gestures, to complex dances that require the use of specific items and costumes. As you progress you’ll unlock more of these costumes and items, and can even visit space stations to trade items as neccessary.

It’s a charming and oddly addictive game, and thanks to the randomly generated star maps – it’ll be different every time you play.  The pixel art animation is superb throughout, with seamless transitions between planets and planetary landings, and lots of unique alien races to attempt to befriend (and sell toasters to).  How many toasters can you flog?

Controls:  WASD/Arrow Keys – Wave, Hold Space (& Direction Keys) – Dance,  Tap Space – Switch Trinket

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Download 1 Teratoaser Here

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