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10-103 is an intense little 2D pixel art horror game where a lone operative is sent in to investigate a containment breach in an SCP-esque research facility.

Created for the SCREAM FM jam, 10-103 is a tense and atmospheric little horror game where you investigate the containment breach of a Class 4+ UT in a research facility. Contact has been lost with the previous team, so now you must venture in alone to investigate, under the guidance of your operator who gives you orders over the radio.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, the gameplay in 10-103 is fairly simple, but it’s a very effective horror game with a tense atmosphere and great pixel art and audio design. The dread ramps up with each floor you descend and your hardened operative shows nerves of steel as he faces (and slowly runs away from) the mysterious entities. He definitely deserves a pay rise after this job!

Controls: WAD – Movement, TAB – Radio, Spacebar – Shoot

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play 10-103 Here

1 thought on “10-103 – Download Game”

  1. Awesome game!
    Thrilling atmosphere and nice work with light.
    You inspired me to create my variance of SCP-like universe on RPG Maker.

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