10 Bullets – Browser Game

10 Bullets is a simple, but addictive little game that shows you comboing shots together to kill as many enemy ships as possible with just 10 bullets.

Playing like a blend of Missile Command and Burnout’s Crash Mode, 10 Bullets sees you shooting at enemies that fly through the sky above you. You’re not in any immediate danger so you can take your time to place your shot perfectly. Once fired your shot will blow up the ship it comes into contact with and send shrapnel flying through the air. If this shrapnel hits another shop then it will cause that ship to explode, sending even more shrapnel through the air, and so on.

It does take some skill to place the perfect shot, but there’s obviously a lot of luck involved too. It is pretty spectacular when you pull off a good shot though. The more ships you blow up the more amounts of debris the ships eject when they explode – soon allowing for some massive chain reactions as debris fills the air. How many ships can you take out with just 10 bullets?

Controls: Spacebar – Fire

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play 10 Bullets Here

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