10 Free Freaky Horror Games For Halloween

Notes-of-Obsession download

Happy Halloween!  Here’s ten of our very favourite free horror games to creep you out this all hallows eve!  Have a frightful night!

Notes of Obsession – a very creepy first person horror in which you use a music box to find hidden magical symbols while avoiding a terrifying monster.

Astrocreep – a deliciously dark humored little point and click horror adventure in which you control a small alien parasite who must kill the humans, evolve and infest an entire space station with your offspring.

Dead Man’s Journey – a PT-esque horror with looping corridors, tense atmosphere and plenty of jump scares, in which you play a recently deceased man who has committed a terrible sin.

THIEF – a very short, smart and surprising little game in which you talk to a stranger while waiting for a bus.

The Armoire – a tense and creepy gothic point and click adventure adapted from a medieval French folktale called Barbe Bleue, in which you play a newlywed bride who starts exploring her husbands mansion while he sleeps one night.

Not Your Mind – a wonderfully weird dreamlike adventure that blends a bright and colourful palette with surreal sights and creepy horror to create a unique gaming experience in which you can never really trust what you see.

There’s Something In The Corner – a short and tense point and click puzzle adventure in which you play a young girl who must restore the lights in her house before she goes insane.

Babysitter Bloodbath – a very freaky horror game that draws inspiration from classic 80’s slasher movies and classic PS1 survival horror, as you play a babysitter who has to contend with an irritating small child and a homicidal maniac.

The Ritual – a short and intense pixel art horror adventure in which you play a human sacrifice who must attempt to flee to safety from a dark entity with a thirst for the blood of innocent children.

The Last Light – creepy first person horror in which you play a high school student who gets trapped in a subway system after a mysterious power outage and must find a way to escape while avoiding the shadowy entity that is chasing you.

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