10 Mississippi – Browser Game

10 Mississippi is a strange little browser based stop motion game that sees you carrying out your daily routine via a series of QTE’s.

10 Mississippi is played entirely in first person via stop motion photography by pressing different commands on the keyboard when prompted. It takes around five minutes to playthrough, but you can repeat over and over again to really get into the daily routine.

The game takes you through a day in the life of a woman from when she first wakes up until you she falls asleep. There’s nothing special or dramatic about the day, but there are lots of small, intimate, voyeuristic moments that make you feel like you’re peering into the private moments of someone else’s life that were never really meant for others to see.

It’s an interesting experience that manages to create a more personal first person experience than most other first person games just by going about your daily routine. There are no big surprises or revelatory moments, it’s just a day in the life of an ordinary person, but that makes it feel that much more real and personal.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play 10 Mississippi Here

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