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11:45 A Vivid Life is a weird and unsettling little game about a girl who believes that the skeleton inside her body isn’t her own.

In 11:45 A Vivid Life you take on the role of a girl who is convinced that her skeleton is not her own and has stolen an X-Ray machine to prove it. The entire game takes place in a small clearing where you’ve set up the X-Ray machine, a radio and a makeshift surgery area. You then scan your body piece by piece the use a scalpel to remove any foreign bodies that you spot in the X-Rays. Throughout this whole procedure you are given dialogue options which allow you to choose one of three “truths” about each of the foreign bodies.

It’s a fascinating game that allows you to make up your own mind about what’s really going on. There’s no real way to prove or disprove any of her wild theories but even the most grounded explanations go to some pretty dark places – and if they are the truth then you can understand why she wouldn’t want to believe them. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: This game contains nudity (though not sexual), self-mutilation and themes of abuse and PTSD.

Download 11:45 A Vivid Life Here

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