12 Fangtastic Free Halloween Horrors!

Happy halloween! Here are 12 excellent free horror games to sink your fangs into this All Hallows Eve!

PacM̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ – Play a creepy cursed Pac-Man ROM where the ghosts behave very differently!

Total Chaos – A DOOM 2 total conversion mod that has to be seen to be believed

Keychain – Become a human keychain!

Her Box – A beautifully drawn spooky point and click adventure

Simulacrum – A Fantastic Silent Hill-esque horror puzzle adventure

Vieled – Follow cryptic clues and perform an occult ritual!

\SPEK.TAKL\ – A surreal psychological horror where your late night TV session gets very weird!

I FEEL FANTASTIC – A very surreal recreation of the I FEEL FANTASTIC YouTube video.

He Keeps Me Here – Short and clever little horror game with a lot to reflect on!

Tonsil Terror – A fun little horror game where you can only see when you scream!

MOR – Discover the dark secrets of your childhood home.

The Doll Shop – A beautiful hand painted horror game where you feel scared for other’s lives rather than your own.

Tarantula 1955 – Battle giant spiders in this gloriously cheesy, black and white B-movie horror game!

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