13 Jellyfish – Browser Game

13 jellyfish game

13 Jellyfish is a fun little fast paced pirate ship management sim in which you can only have two members of your crew on deck at the same time, so must switch between your seven crew-members depending on what actions you need them to perform.

On your jolly little ship you have a choice of seven different crew members; the navigator, the fisherman, the cook, the gunner, the carpenter, the soldier and the boatswain. Each one is required at different times throughout the trip (for example the navigator helps the ship avoid rocks, the fisherman catches fish and the cook will cook them), but you can only have two of your crew-members active at one time. This means that you have to actively switch between them depending on which ones you need.

It’s a simple, addictive and beautifully animated take on the management sim genre that’s well worth taking for a sail. Who knows you may even find some treasure!

Controls: 1 – 7 or Mouse – Switch Between Crewmembers

Available On: Windows & Browser

Ludum Dare Page: Here

Play 13 Jellyfish Here

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