1minute After New Year – Browser Game

1minute After New Year is a simple, but addictive and super tough little game that sees you trying to survive for one minute while fireworks are being shot in your direction during the New Year festivities.

In 1minute After New Year you control a lone man standing atop a building at New Year. However, it turns out that that may not be the best place to be standing. Sure, you get a good view of the city and the fireworks – but you get a little too good a view of the fireworks, as most of them fly in your direction! You need to try and dodge all of the fireworks that are fired at you for one minute, which is easier said than done as they can change direction quite dramatically and you really don’t have far that you can run to without falling off the building!

1minute After New Year looks fairly simple, but it’s very addictive and the fireworks in particular are a joy to watch as they fizzle and pop. It’s a fun little game, that requires timing, precision jumping and a little luck if you don’t want to start New Year as a shower of bloody chunks. Good luck and have a Happy New Year!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump

Available On Windows & Browser

Play or Download 1minute After New Year Here

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