3DNes Emulator – Browser Game


3DNes Emulator is an awesome online emulator that allows you to play old NES games as you’ve never seen them before – in 3D (well technically it’s probably 2.5D, but that’s still 0.5D more than ever before!)

Compatible with most NES Roms, 3DNes Emulator utilises some ridiculously cool tricks to add an extra dimension to classic NES games. Any NES Rom can be uploaded to the emulator will receive a 3D revamp – to varying degrees of success. Some, such as Megaman or Dr. Mario can look like they’ve been remastered by Nintendo/Capcom themselves at times, but others can look like garbled, confused messes. This is to be expected though and it’s great fun experimenting with different roms to see how they turn out when you put them through this marvellous retro 3Difier!

Controls: Keyboard

Available On:  Firefox Browsers Only

Notes: In order to play 3DNES Emulator you’ll need to use a Firefox Browser and a Dropbox account. To play any *ahem* legally acquired NES Rom, you simply upload them to your Dropbox public folder then copy and paste the direct download link into the space below the emulator window and press load. Wait for it to fully load before pressing any buttons and higher graphical settings are recommended. Due to legal reasons we can’t really tell you where to get the Roms, but typing ‘NES Roms’ into Google will sort you out!

Play 3DNes Emulator Here

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