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Dear Carmen 2

Dear Carmen is a short and sweet little game in which you explore the thoughts and emotions experienced during a chance encounter with a person you’re attracted to and the highs and lows of the short period of flirting that ensues.

Warning – Spoilers Ahead!

Dear Carmen starts with a chance encounter with a woman that works in the floor above you in your office block. Due to refurbishments, you have to use the amenities, and thats when you met her… Carmen. You immediately seem to hit it off, making small talk about pugs, jobs and coffee, and you even exchange phone numbers.

Things are going great, the dopamine is kicking in and the flames of romance are ignited. However, these flames are soon extinguished as the fledgling romance peters out and she fails to respond to your texts. Maybe you misread the signs. Maybe she’s lost her phone. Maybe she’s changed her mind. But either way the result is the same, your brief encounter with Carmen is at an end and you have to move on.

Dear Carmen impresses with it’s minimalist low poly art style and candid look at the emotions experienced during a brief flirt. We’ve all had the occasional connection with someone that never actually went anywhere, and it’s easy to get caught up in wondering what could of happened if things played out differently.  But maybe it’s for the best. You’ll always remember Carmen fondly, hopefully she’ll remember you too.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Dear Carmen Here

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