50 Years – Browser Game

50 Years is a fast paced and highly addictive strategy game which gives you fifty turns to build a civilization that can withstand an attack from a powerful army.

50 Years draws inspiration from Civilization 5, but instead of featuring massive campaigns that can take weeks to complete, it features fast paced campaigns that can be completed in under half an hour. In the main game mode you choose between 13 different nations, each with their own unique perks, then attempt grow the civilization and build an army that can survive constant attacks from enemies and a massive attack at the end of the game.

You are given 50 years to build your civilization, which equates to 50 turns. During each turn you can purchase buildings and units, and you can even venture out into the world to conquer special areas and earn rewards for your troubles. At then end of each turn there’s a random chance of being attacked by an enemy army so you need to keep your a good supply of army units Initially you’ll only be able to purchase peasants and swordsmen, but as you progress you’ll be able to purchase more powerful mythical beasts like unicorns and minotaurs.

50 Years may not be much to look at, but it’s highly addictive once you get into. It manages to condense an entire Civ 5 style empire building campaign into half an hour of gameplay and it has lots of replayability thanks to the 13 different playable races, different difficulty levels and even a bunch of special campaigns. It’s a perfect game for those that love Civilization style strategy games but don’t have the time to sink hours and hours into a single campaign. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Note: A more fleshed version of 50 Years has also been released on Steam.

Play 50 Years Here

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