6 Games to Celebrate/Commiserate the Election of President Trump

Drumpulous donald trump dildo

Shocked by the American presidential results? If there’s one thing we’ve learned so throughout the Presidential race it’s to always expect the unexpected when it comes to Donald Trump!

To celebrate/commiserate the election of President Drumpf (and possibly the end of civilisation as we know it), here are six of our favourite Trump themed games that celebrate the lunacy of the man, the personality and the hair that is the President-Elect Donald Trump. For those on the Clinton side we highly recommend checking out Drumpolous – there’s no better way to drown your sorrows than to fire a barrage of big floppy dildos at him!

Trump Donald (or TrumpDonald.org) – an absolutely hilarious game in which you blow a trumpet at Donald Trump and watch with glee as his ridiculous comb-over reacts to the trumpet blast.

Trump-O-Rama –  a satirical side scrolling shooter set in a world where Donald J. Trump has been elected president, but he still can’t find anyone stupid enough to enforce his xenophobic policies – so has to head down to the streets himself and ‘make America great again’.

Super Trump Wall – a silly and surprisingly addictive arcade game in which you bomb Mexicans to make them pay for Donald Trump’s ridiculous wall.

Drumpulous (aka Shoot Dildos at Donald Trump’s Head.exe) – a very silly and fabulously cathartic game in which you can shoot an infinite amount of dildos at Donald Trump’s Head as he spouts his xenophobic campaign slogans at a cheering crowd.

Stump The Trump – a simple high score chasing arcade game in which you attempt to squash and endless horde of Donald Trump’s with tree stumps!

Paper Drumpf – a satirical narrative adventure from the creator of Paper Brexit, that puts you in the shoes of Daffy Drumpf’s campaign manager during the run up to the US presidential election, with your actions having a real effect on his chances of becoming President.

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