7 Second Haircuts – Browser Game

7 Second Haircuts is a fun little hairdressing game where you have just seven seconds to style your customers hair as they want it.

Created for the What-A-Jam game jam, 7 Second Haircuts is a charming little hairdressing game where speed really is of the essence. Each day a procession of different customers sits in your barber’s chair and you have just seven seconds to make them look as much like the picture in the top corner of the screen as possible.

You’ll earn different amounts of cash depending on how satisfied your customers are with their speedy trims and at the end of each day you need to have enough to pay your rent. Things start off fairly simply, but as you progress you unlock more customers and the amount of rent you have to pay increases. You need to survive for a week to win.

It’s a great little game that proves you can do a surprising amount in just seven seconds. The first couple of days are a little repetitive due to the limited types of customers, but as you progress things get more varied and challenging. See how many customers you can satisfy with your speedy hair-snipping skills!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows and Browser

Download or Play 7 Second Haircuts Here

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