723 – Downloadable Game

723 is a stylish and surreal point and click puzzle adventure that explores themes of sleep paralysis as you try to escape from a bizarre dream world.

Created by bitsandcrafts (creator of noitanigami and T(rip), 723 is a beautifully illustrated point and click adventure about sleep paralysis. The environment seems to be your character’s subconscious – a labyrinthine maze filled with puzzles and body parts. Your character can’t move, but you can use mysterious large hands to shift him between locations and you can click on different objects to interact with them.

Some of the puzzles in 723 are a little obtuse, but the download comes with a full walkthrough if you get stuck. It’s a well crafted game, with an interesting premise, beautiful artwork and a striking visual style. It makes for a very unique point and click puzzle experience and another clever take on the genre by bitsandcrafts.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download 723 Here

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