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a boy and his beard game download

A Boy And His Beard is a charming little wave based survival game in which you use your luxurious beard to fend off skeletons, bikers, lumberjacks, pirates and Vikings!

In A Boy And His Beard you play a young boy with an inexplicably large beard that’s capable of independent movement (with the right stick) and it can even grab objects such as park benches and lampposts and swing them around as weapons. Your goal is to defeat five groups of enemies (the skeletons, bikers, lumberjacks, pirates and Vikings) and steal all their beards for your collection.

You have to be careful during combat as it’s quite easy to get hit by a stray projectile and there are no collectible health power-ups. You do however earn a little bit of health every time you level up through defeating the hordes of enemies.

It’s a tough little game and could do with a little more finesse in the combat (especially when using objects as weapons), but it’s a fun little romp with cheery visuals and a wonderful silly beardy-combat premise. Check it out now to join in the battle of the beards!

Controls: Left Stick – Move, Right Stick – Move Beard, Right Trigger – Grab Objects (Control Pad Required)

Available On: Windows

Download A Boy and His Beard Here

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