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A Dark Room

A Dark Room is a fantastic game that starts of very simply and slowly morphs into something very different and very complex, to say any more will spoil any surprises, so we’d REALLY recommend playing it (link at bottom of the post) before reading on as the following text will contain spoilers.

Ok, so if you’re still reading you’ve either played A Dark Room or aren’t too bothered about spoilers.  Played entirely through a simple black and white menu UI, A Dark Room starts life as a fairly simple incremental clicker, with you sat in a dark room stoking a fire for heat and gathering wood.  Things change when a builder arrives and offers to build huts and other buildings, allowing you to build up a village, trade supplies and forge weapons, then things get a WHOLE lot more interesting when you buy a compass.

Slowly, but surely A Dark Room transforms from a simple incremental clicker into a town managements sim, and then into a fully fledged RPG, complete with intense battles and loot drops.  It’s a dangerous world outside your dark firelit room, but there’s lots to discover.  There’s also a definitive ending with a real twist in the tale, which you may miss, but there are definite clues scattered throughout the game if you read the text carefully (highlight the section below for the big reveal:

(  You are an alien, who has crash-landed on earth)

All in all A Dark Room is an innovative game that’s filled with surprises, starting off as a simple unassuming clicker and slowly morphing into an epic RPG adventure.  Highly Recommended.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Tips:  Purchase the compass to unlock the world map.  The more different types of weapons you carry the more attacks you can do.  If you stick to the roads you won’t get attacked.  Keep an eye on your water and cured meat levels when exploring the map.  The game saves automatically, so you can resume play at any time.

Play A Dark Room In A Browser Here

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