A Dark Winter Wander – Browser Game

A Dark Winter Wander is a poignant and surreal Game Boy psychological horror adventure, which sees a girl pulled into a mysterious spirit world as she struggles with strained relationships within her family.

Created for the Winter VN Jam, A Dark Winter Wander is a Game Boy based Norse mythology inspired horror adventure with a powerful and relatable story at the heart of it. In the game you follow the story of a young woman who is struggling to decide whether to celebrate Christmas alone, or to join her family. The problem being that if you go for the family dinner then you can’t talk about “it”.

As you wrestle with your dilemma, you’re transported into a mysterious twilight world where you embark on “The Year Walk” and make important decisions that have a real effect on those living there. You can try to help those that you meet along the way and you can decide to have Christmas with your family or alone, but everything has a price…

A Dark Winter Wander weaves a very dark and emotional tale as you wrestle with the issues affecting your family, with themes of drug abuse and the emotional abuse that goes along with it. You’re clearly not the thing that’s tearing your family apart, but you are being blamed for a lot of it. As in real life, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, but maybe you’ll be able to accept the costs of your actions and stop blaming yourself. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Action, X – Cancel

Available On: Browser & Game Boy

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play A Dark Winter Wander Here

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