A Duck’s Odyssey – Downloadable Game

A Duck’s Odyssey is a wholesome little Pikmin-esque puzzle adventure where a mother duck gathers a flock of rubber ducklings and guides them through different courses.

In A Duck’s Odyssey you take control of a cute little mother duck who sets out on an adventure full of puzzles and obstacles to overcome. The mother duck can’t physically interact with objects herself, but she can gather a small flock of yellow rubber ducklings that she can give simple commands – causing them to carry objects or stand in specific areas. Along the way you’ll solve puzzles, clear up trash and talk to a friendly old man who gives you useful advice.

It’s a charming little game with a very chilled out atmosphere, colorful visuals and a cozy setting. The initial tutorial areas are very simple, but once you get past them A Duck’s Odyssey has some inventive puzzles that require a little more thought. A delightful duck-filled adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows, Mac and Linux

Download A Duck’s Odyssey Here

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