A Field Of Sunflowers – Downloadable Game

A Field Of Sunflowers is a beautifully told little story about love, loss, sunflowers and eventually… hope.

Created for the Godot Wild Jam, in A Field Of Sunflowers you follow the story of a young woman called Azalea and her husband Gabriel. The couple have just purchased a house in the country where Azalea plans to grow a beautiful crop of sunflowers while Gabriel works on his pottery. However, it’s not long until tragedy strikes and Azalea’s life is turned upside-down. What follows is a touching story of grief and hope.

It’s a very well executed exploration of grief and you really feel Azalea’s loss. The way the environment changes throughout the chapters is cleverly done and the writing is exceptional. One line in particular is hard to forget: “I want my husband back. I don’t want to remember him for longer than I’ve known him”. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, E – interact

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux and Browser

Play or Download A Field Of Sunflowers Here

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