A Garden on the Sea – Download Game

A Garden on the Sea is a beautiful little narrative driven adventure about overcoming fear and moving on as you grow a tree on the back of a friendly talking whale.

Created for the Great Spring Jam 2021, in A Garden on the Sea you follow the story of a human-like being called Elliot and a large talking whale called Lori. Elliot is clearly getting over some trauma and as they chat Lori gives Eliot words of encouragement and support. Lori also lends her back as a makeshift garden where Lori can grow a tree and nurture it with stuff he finds in the sea.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, A Garden on the Sea is an incredibly wholesome and uplifting experience. The writing is excellent and the way Lori nurtures Elliot’s recovery as Elliot nurtures the tree is very touching. There may be rough seas ahead, but as long as they have each other they’ll be fine.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Space – Jump – E – interact, J – Dash

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play A Garden on the Sea Here

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