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A Growing Adventure Game Download

A Growing Adventure is a highly addictive little RPG adventure in which you unlock the game world square-by-square, discovering powerful enemies, shops, varied biomes and lots of loot in the process!

In A Growing Adventure you start on a tiny square of land and must choose what direction to expand out in. Every edge square you touch will then turn blue then unlock within a set amount of time, costing you a little bit of health in the process.

There’s a lot to discover as you expand the game area out in different different directions, with shops, cash, temporary buffs and all manner of enemies to discover in the darkness. There’s a nice variety of enemies, including slimes, zombies, knights, which can be tough initially, but as you level up they get easier. Bosses can still pose quite a challenge though, so you’ll need to gather some temporary buffs to defeat them.

It’s a surprisingly large and very addictive game that oddly feels a little like an incremental clicker at times. It’ll take quite some time to discover all the secrets this charming RPG adventure has to offer.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement/Interact/Attack

Available On: Windows

Download A Growing Adventure Here

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