A House For Alesa – Downloadable Game

A House For Alesa is a surreal and twisted RPG Maker horror adventure where a social worker carries out a house visit with a very freaky family.

Created by Axel Vejar Dossow (creator of There Is Something in the Anderghast Mine and The Grotesque and Pixelesque), A House For Alesa follows the story of a social worker who was visited by a terrifying man called Mr. Bob when she was a child. Now, while out investigating a mysterious family, she ends up trapped in their house and starts having visions of Mr. Bob again. Your choices will decide if she makes it bad out of the house alive or not.

Taking about an hour to play through, it’s a great little horror adventure that takes some unexpected turns and has plenty of horrible ways to die. The character artwork is particularly impressive and there are six twisted endings to discover too. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows and Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download A House For Alesa Here

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