A Little Bit S’more – Downloadable Game

A Little Bit S’more is a heartwarming narrative driven arcade-style puzzle game where you attempt to create tasty s’mores by a campfire.

Created for the Buddy Up Jam, A Little Bit S’more is a narrative-driven s’more building game inspired by the classic Yoshi NES game. It seems that your “dad was never good at words, but he was really good at camping” (like most dads), and while camping with him he departed some of his s’more building knowledge. Something that comes in handy in future fireside occasions throughout your life.

In between A Little Bit S’more’s touching cutscenes, the gameplay sees ingredients for s’mores dropping down from the top of the screen and you attempting to rearrange the bases so that they stack properly. You can never have two of the same ingredients atop each other so you need to plan where you land them to avoid ruining your s’mores.

The actual gameplay is pretty simple, but surprisingly addictive and challenging. Meanwhile the narrative is beautifully told and it makes for a very cosy and heartwarming experience. A tasty little fireside treat well worth snacking on.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Flip Bracket

Available On: Windows

Download A Little Bit S’more Here

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