A Man Outside – Browser Game

A Man Outside is a creepy little horror game where you complete a vocabulary test and chat to a friend on your phone while a mysterious stranger lurks outside your window.

In A Man Outside you are attempting to complete a quiz that tests your vocabulary by giving you a word and asking you to select the word that it’s most associated with. So for instance, if the word is “respiration”, you select “breathing” from the choice of three answers. You have 30 questions to answer in total, split up into three rounds, however there is a minor distraction in the form of a mysterious shadowy stranger that is standing outside your window!

You can cut away from your vocab test at any moment to check on what the stranger is up to, and at the end of each round you can text your friend on the phone. Your score on the quiz doesn’t really matter, but the choices you make when talking to your friend can alter the ending and you’ll have to play through three times to get the final ending.

It could perhaps do with a little more visual flourish and a more dramatic ending, but it’s a clever concept that does a great job of building a tense, dread-filled atmosphere. Also, the vocabulary quiz is genuinely fun and there are three different difficulties to test your skills on!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play A Man Outside Here

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