A Meal For The Gods – Download & Browser Game

a meal for the gods game

A Meal For The Gods is a quirky little game in which you hurl human sacrifices into the mouth of a god-like monster to keep it satisfied and stop it from destroying your village.

You are the Keeper, a mythical being that will dot do whatever is necessary to keep your villages safe – which basically means you must throw human sacrifices at a huge monster to keep it satisfied.  Gameplay in A Meal For The Gods is simple but fun, you just click to grab one of the endless procession of human sacrifices and then move the mouse and release to hurl them into the mouth of the monster.

Tossing little ragdoll humans to their doom is pretty tricky, but good fun once you get into the swing of it.  Like a an arcade basketball hoop shooting game but with humans and monsters instead of balls and hoops!

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  Win, Mac, Linux & Browser

Note:  You’ll need to lift the humans high and use a good back-swing to stand a chance of reaching the monster (full-screen recommended)

Download or Play A Meal For The Gods Here (Download Recommended)

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