A Mini Falafel Adventure – Downloadable Game

mini falafel adventure

A Mini Falafel Adventure is a wonderful mini-Metroidvania with unique power-ups, charming Gameboy-esque pixel art and lots of epic boss fights.

You play an adorable little Falafel on a quest to save his buddy who’s been kidnapped by aliens.  On your way you’ll explore the strange Falafel world, battle well designed bosses and unlock new abilities.

Developed over a period of 3 years, the time, care and devotion that has gone into A Mini Falafel Adventure really is apparent, with fantastic pixel art animation, great chiptune audio design, fun gameplay and bags of character.  It distils the Metroidvania formula into a perfect little pixel art action-platforming experience, full of charm and pleasant surprises.  One bite of this tasty little Falafel and you’ll be hooked.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Jump, C – Bomb

Available On: Windows Only

Download A Mini Falafel Adventure Here

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