A Most Important Night – Downloadable Game

A Most Important Night is a strange and stylish conversation simulator where you attempt to make a good impression on strangers you meet at a nightclub one night.

In A Most Important Night you find yourself in a crowded nightclub filled with strangers to meet. When you meet someone you have a handful of brief interactions with them, with an aim of leaving a good impression on them. Your interactions also use up energy, which when totally depleted will see you leaving the club and the game ending.

It’s not technically a dating game but is an interesting twist on the genre that oddly ends up feeling like quite a realistic recreation of social interactions when meeting people. The visual design gives you an overall vibe of the people you meet rather than the whole picture (much like when meeting people in a busy club) and the fact that you have so few interactions to leave a lasting impression feels very real too. Will you be a social butterfly or that awkward dude that everyone avoids?

Controls: Mouse & Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download A Most Important Night Here

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