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A pirates end download

A Pirate’s End is a wonderfully whimsical adventure game in which you explore mysterious islands, trade supplies and avoid hazards as you attempt to stay alive long enough to find a secret treasure stash you hid many years ago.

In A Pirate’s End you take on the role of an elderly pirate who is searching for some treasure he hid a long time ago. You only have a set amount of days to find the treasure and you’ll need some key items to be able to retrieve it. You can visit islands in any order you like and discover their secrets and find the items you need, with the narrative relayed via some funny little rhymes.

Each time you travel to a new island with the boat you use up some days, and there are hazards such as other ships, bad weather and jagged rocks that can cost you money, delay you or even cause a shipwreck. You only have a set amount of days each time you embark on your treasure finding adventure and if you run out of them it’ll be game over. If you fail you’ll still retain all the information you gathered about item locations on your next attempt, but your pirate will be older, weaker and less able to navigate the treacherous seas.

It’s a fun little seafaring treasure hunt with stylish visuals, great writing, lots of cool things to discover and a great sense of adventure. A nautical adventure well worth setting sail on.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download a Pirate’s End Here

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