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A Short Magic Show is an adorable little game where you perform a (very) amateur magic show to entertain a crowd.

In A Short Magic Show you take on the role of an amateur magician who is putting on a magic show for a (fairly easy to please) audience. You have six magic tricks to perform in total, which generally involve moving stuff with your telekinetic powers, making stuff disappear or chopping things up and putting them together again.

For each trick you select the objects you want to move by clicking and dragging to create a box around them, then clicking and dragging the box to move it where you want it. Using your clicking and dragging skills, you must figure out the best ways to perform each trick to make the crowd cheer.

The “magic” tricks that you perform in A Short Magic Show are pretty simple and the gameplay isn’t particularly challenging, but it’s a delightful little game with a great sense of childlike wonder. The charming visuals and playful atmosphere makes it feel like you’re a kid performing tricks for a gathering of family and friends. Sure, you may not be the best magician in the world, but even David Copperfield started somewhere!

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download A Short Magic Show Here

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