A Solidsphere Tale: Sky Crumbs – Downloadable Game

A Solidsphere Tale: Sky Crumbs is a stylish first person platforming adventure where a man who lives in the sky uses floating platforms as he goes in search of someone below.

Created by guimero64, creator of Mauritius Atoll, Sky Crumbs is a surreal little platforming adventure where you jump down from a hole in the sky and go in search of someone. Along the way you’ll traverse an environment of floating platforms and the rooftops of high buildings. You can also spawn your own platforms though, allowing you to reach out-of-reach areas.

It’s a great little game with an iteresting lore, stylish visuals, challenging platforming gameplay and a large open environment that you can freely explore. There are three different endings and 7 collectibles to find which can give you a little more info on the game world and there’s also a graphic novel that you can download there. The characters and the world in Sky Crumbs are very intriguing, so hopefully there are more Solidsphere adventures in the future!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, Mouse – Look, Ctrl – Crouch, LMB – Spawn Platform, RMB – Recall Platform

Available On: Windows

Download Solidsphere Tale: Sky Crumbs Here

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