A Vicious Circle – Downloadable Game

a vicious circle

A Vicious Circle is a very cool score-attack focused blend of Pac Man and Agar.io in which you avoid enemies and eat plankton to grow larger, then enter rage mode for a short time and eat your enemies.

You eat the plankton to grow, then once you’ve eaten five of them you can enter rage mode to eat your enemies. You lose a lot of your growth when entering rage mode, but not all of it – you’re always growing. This vicious circle of eating, growing, raging and shrinking goes on until dour inevitable death, which will be quick – it’s a very fast paced game, often lasting only a few seconds (you’re doing very well if you last a minute).

It’s an addictive and challenging experience, with an excellent soundtrack and some very snazzy visuals (especially in the bonus ‘facemelter’ mode).  A fun game well worth getting a-round to.

Controls: Arows Keys – Movement, Z – Rage!

Available On: Windows Only

Download A Vicious Circle Here

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