A.W.O.L. – Downloadable Game

A.W.O.L. is an action-packed retro tactical military shooter where you and your squad go in search of your missing Commanding Officer.

Created in the Build Engine (Duke Nukem 3D and Ion Fury), A.W.O.L. is a retro styled FPS where a recently discharged special forces soldier and his team set out to save their C.O.. Your mission takes you through nine large and varied levels in locations around the world – from a Cartel controlled jungle to the streets of Dubai.

As it’s built in the Build Engine the combat feels great, but what’s most impressive about A.W.O.L. is the variety of gameplay styles it features. The train level plays like a run ‘n gun shooter, the jungle level plays like a team-based tactical military shooter and there’s even a healthy dose of stealth in the prison break level.

It’s a very impressive retro FPS that infuses an old game engine with lots of for modern ideas. The only real issue is that the narrative isn’t particularly engaging, but nobody comes to a retro FPS for the story anyway!

Controls: Mouse and Keyboard

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download A.W.O.L. Here

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