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A Wonderful Day For Fishing is an eerie and unsettling little fishing horror game where you sit in a boat, catching and eating all manner of freaky fish, some of which have some very odd side-effects.

In A Wonderful Day For Fishing you take on the role of a happy looking man with a vacant stare who is fishing in a very peculiar stretch of water. The controls are simple – you just click the mouse whenever you hook a fish to reel it in and then you have to decide whether to eat it or not. There’s a selection of different fish to catch, such as catfish, sea bass and sand trout, but there are also some that have become infected with a weird Lovecraftian darkness, which can have some strange effects on you and the environment depending on whether you decide to eat them or throw them away…

There isn’t any overall objective to A Wonderful Day For Fishing, instead you just stay out there catching fish for as long as you like, seeing what bizarre effects that they have on you and the surrounding area. As repulsive as those fishies are it’s strangely addictive experience and it’s got a great sense of atmosphere. A grotesque horror fishing game that’ll get you hooked.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: Only eat the red cube if you’re finished playing the game!

Download A Wonderful Day for Fishing Here

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