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A_Desktop_Love_Story is a charming little adventure where you help two application find love on your desktop!

Created by the tallented Nathalie Lawhead Creator od Cyberpet Graveyard and Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs), A_Desktop_Love_Story is a fun little dating game that takes place between ambiguously_shy_file.exe and the_cute_file.exe. This all plays out on your actual desktop, with you being the middle-man between the two and literally transferring files between the two folders they live in to pass notes and pictures between them as they fall for each other.

It’s an adorable little game that does some clever things with the game files and really warms your heart as the romance blossoms between the two files. A silly, strange and sweet little experience that’ll bring a bit of love to your desktop. Highly recommended.

Note: If you’re feeling exceptionally heartless you can separate the files again at the end of the game – it breaks their hearts but it gives you the option to play through the game again.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download A_Desktop_Love_Story Here

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