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Abandoned Bunker is a weird and surprisingly well crafted jump scare-filled first person horror game that sees you attempting to escape from four monsters in four bunkers of a mysterious research facility.

In Abandoned Bunker you take on the role of a rather nosy hiker who spotted a blacked out area on Google Maps and decided to go and check it out. It turns out that it’s some sort of abandoned research facility filled with horrible monsters which you have to try and avoid while making your escape from the facility (serves you right for being nosy!)

There are four separate bunkers to escape from in Abandoned Bunker, each of which has a different monster roaming it and each of which utilises different lighting systems. In the first bunker you’re equipped with a flashlight, in the second you have a glow stick, in the third you only have a camera flash and in the fourth the area is lit up by flashing emergency lighting. The monsters pretty much behave the same in each bunker, but the different lighting systems add a nice amount of variety to the game (though it can make the third bunker very disorientating and frustrating).

Running away from scary monster-style horror games are nothing new, but Abandoned Bunker’s high production values and variety really impress. The four different monsters are of varying quality – the first two are very freaky, the third one oddly looks like Mr Blobby and the final monster is a crudely drawn set of eyes and teeth (but the environmental scares more than make up for that).

It is iterating on games that have come before it and some of the character models can be a bit rough, but there’s no denying that Abandoned Bunker is a very scary game and has some exceptional jump scares. There are lots of strange surprises (and plenty of scary ones) as you attempt to escape this bizarre research facility. Highly recommended for fans of jump scare horror.

Controls: WASD – Movement, C – Crouch, LMB – interact, F- Camera Flash, Shift – Run

Available On: Windows

Full Walkthrough Videos: Part 1, Part 2

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can press ‘Escape’ at any time to access a cheat menu that will guide you through the bunkers. This is especially handy in the third bunker.

Download Abandoned Bunker Here

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