Abide With Me – Browser Game

Abide With Me is an interesting little narrative driven experience which revolves around a son’s inability to communicate with his estranged family.

In Abide With Me you take on the role of Eric, a young man who has taken the time to visit his mother and father. You chat pleasantly to them and catch up a little, but there’s an odd feeling of distance and that there’s a lot that’s going unsaid. It’s only until the second half of the game rolls around that you discover the extent of the disconnect between what Eric thinks and what he actually says.

It’s a simple premise that’s well executed with great writing and some beautiful artwork. There are a few hints as to why Eric’s relationship with his family is so troubled, but the game does a good job of not overdoing the drama. Although Eric’s dysfunctional family is quite an extreme case, it’s a relatable little concept – it’s not always easy to tell family members what you’re really thinking.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Abide With Me Here

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