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Absconder is a sanity testing graphic novel adventure where your choices matter as you attempt to escape from a mental asylum.

Taking place in a world where everyone is a wooden jointed art puppet, Absconder sees you taking the role of a puppet who is about to attempt to escape from the asylum he’s locked up in. The game is played out via a series of still graphic novel panels, with you making important decisions throughout that dramatically affect the way the story plays out. You can try to act humanely or you can act like the lunatic they think you are, murdering everyone you see. There are many different endings and you get a rating of your sanity levels depending on your choices too.

Aside from a lockpicking minigame and an occasional QTE, there’s very little “gameplay” in Absconder – you just make your decisions and see where they take you. It’s a fun little game though with an intriguing story and plenty of replayability. Will you escape with your sanity intact?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Absconder Here

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