Absurd Trolley Problems – Browser Game

Absurd Trolley Problems is a fun little game where you try to deal with a series of increasingly absurd moral dilemmas involving a tram running over people.

Absurd Trolley Problems is based on the “Trolley Problem” thought experiment which asks “would you save five people from being killed by a railway trolley by diverting it to hit just one person?”. Absurd Trolley Problems starts with that moral quandary then expands it into a various other trolley-based moral quandaries – such as “would you divert the trolley to save your best friend, but kill five people” or “would you divert a rolley to kill a cat and save five lobsters”.

It’s a simple little game that delivers a fun twist on the Trolley Problem. As you progress the questions become more absurd, but it still manages to throw up some quite taxing moral dilemmas. A nice touch is that you can see what percentage of previous players chose the various options – so you can judge how morally bankrupt you are!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play Absurd Trolley Problems Here

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