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Abyss of Neptune is a Lovecraftian subsea survival horror adventure where you explore a mysterious facility in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle.

In Abyss of Neptune you take on the role of a deep sea diver who has been sent to investigate a mysterious signal that’s been pinpointed to be coming from the sea below the Bermuda Triangle. After a little exploration it soon becomes apparent that there’s a huge underwater research facility there. It seems to be abandoned and in disrepair, but it appears it may not be not totally inhabited…

It takes around an hour to play through Abyss of Neptune and although it could do with a little better signposting at times, it’s a very impressive game. You feel extremely vulnerable as you explore the facility and the fact that there is very little ammunition means you really do have to make every shot count (or just swim away as fast as possible).

The underwater movement of your character feels great, the environment is very well designed and the story gets pretty dark (if you find the notes relevant notes anyway). The sound design is superb and monsters are particularly freaky – a nice touch being the way the little conjoined twin monster tries to wake up its other half when you knock it out. All in all it makes for tense and well crafted survival horror adventure well worth diving into. Highly recommended

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB – Aim, LMB – Fire, F – Interact, Tab – Inventory

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Abyss of Neptune Here

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