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Explore a huge town in Ace Arcade in order to gain coins to use in your local arcade in this fun pixel art adventure with over 20 fun minigames.

A new arcade has opened up in your town. Sadly, you have no money to spend in this arcade so you must travel around this pixel town to find people that need odd jobs done. No job is too big or too small when it comes to gaining coins to use in your local arcade! You are a game enthusiast after all.

There are five different areas of your town that you can go to by traveling in the local bus. Explore a picnic, a zoo, a carnival, and many other locations to find locals who have tasks that need to be done! This can be simple tasks like helping someone collect apples to make an apple pie or dangerous tasks like exploring an evil robot and laser infested building to make it to floor ten. Some tasks are contests that can only be played once a day – like trying to catch the ball Neil the seal throws or playing a hit-the-target carnival game.

With so many quirky mini-games and superb pixel art animation that’s packed with nice little touches, Ace Arcade is a joy to play.  A charming adventure with plenty of variety and fun distractions.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Action

Available On: Windows Only

Download Arcade Ace Here


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