Acrodog – Downloadable Game


Acrodog is a charming, challenging and highly addictive high-score chasing action game in which you manoeuvre the stage to propel ‘Lil Houdini’ the stunt dog into the spotlight for as long as possible and please your audience.

The gameplay in Acrodog is simple but immediately satisfying – you simply press Z or M to move opposite sides of the platform with an aim of moving the adorable Lil Houdini into the spotlight.  This is trickier than it seems and you can easily catapult the brave little doggie out of the arena.  To make things tricker, beach balls will randomly be thrown into the arena and can throw things off balance and the crowd will even hurl tomatoes if Houdini doesn’t stay in the spotlight.  Hopefully he works with a net!

Controls:  Z/M – Control Platform

Available On:  Win, Mac & Linux

Download Acrodog Here

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