Acrophile – Downloadable Game

Acrophile is an unsettling Yames inspired horror game where you make some dark discoveries as you carry out a research expedition on an island that’s home to an uncontacted tribe.

In Acrophile you are an assistant to a researcher who has set out to chart and investigate a mysterious island in the Atlantic Ocean. A tribe of blue-skinned people live there, and although they are surprisingly welcoming, you can’t help but think they are hiding something. And for some reason you keep finding yourself drawn to a forbidden area atop a mountain…

As with the developer’s other game, Pleonexia, Acrophile plays out via a fairly simple point and click interface. You can freely explore the island, chat to the locals and dig for artefacts. It’s narrative-driven, rather than focusing on puzzles, but you will have to solve one crafty puzzle to discover the secret ending.

It’s a great game that manages to squeeze a surprising amount of terror from its low rez pixel art visuals. The audio plays a big part in this, but it’s also the writing and the story that really draw you in and the endings are very well executed. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Acrophile Here

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