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Adiasis is a quirky and beautifully animated turn-based RPG adventure with lots of tongue-in-cheek humor as you set out on quest to defeat “Evil”.

In Adiasis you take on the role of Nia, an odd woman who has a vision where she is told to “Kill Adiasis and rid the world of evil”. You have no idea who Adiasis is, but you have a knack for spotting evil (it’s all in the eyes), so you and a man called Noe (who’s not quite sure what’s going on) set out on a short, silly and well crafted 20 minute RPG adventure with a delightful sense of humor.

Gameplay-wise Adiasis plays much like a traditional SNES era JRPG adventure, with you exploring the beautifully animated 2D world and switching to turn-based combat when you encounter an enemy. As the game is pretty short, there are only a handful of enemies to fight, but they do offer up a good challenge and you learn a variety of new abilities along the way. A key feature that you’ll need to master is the ability to dodge attacks by pressing the correct key just before an attack lands.

The pixel art animation and the classic JRPG gameplay in Adiasis are both excellent, but it’s the humor that makes it a must play. Nia’s quest to destroy evil is delightfully absurd – especially the way she encounters and identifies evil people, or the way Noe just cluelessly tags along for the ride. A lighthearted RPG adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Adiasis Here

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