Advanced Bipedal Battle Armour: The Name of the Game – Browser Game

Advanced Bipedal Battle Armour: The Name of the Game is a fun little mech combat game where two people who were friends and lovers are now fighting to the death in their Advanced Bipedal Battle Armour.

Created by TweetHeart Squad (creators of Rupert Rabbit in: Murder, My Bunny), Advanced Bipedal Battle Armour is a simple, stylish and silly little 2.5D mech combat game. You take control of a big blue mech and face off against a red mech that’s piloted by a once close friend who is now a bitter rival.

You’re fighting to prevent a cataclysmic merger of worlds, but all the while that you’re fighting the two ex-friends chat to each other using lots of wonderfully tropey Anime/movie lines such as “I didn’t want things to end like this”, “You should have forgotten me, like the rest” or “I’ll never let you go”.

The actual gameplay in Advanced Bipedal Battle Armour is very basic but the visual style and the heartfelt conversations between the two mech pilots really elevate the game. It’s a lot of fun and you can’t help but hope the two will manage to work things out one day (as long as the world hasn’t blown up!)

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Dash – X, Fire – Z

Available On: Browser

Play Advanced Bipedal Battle Armour Here

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