AdVenture Capitalist – Steam Download


AdVenture Capitalist is an addictive incremental clicker that sees you building your way up from a owning a small lemonade stand to a multi billion pound oil company.

Starting off by squeezing lemons for a pittance, you soon make enough money to branch out into other businesses, from pizza delivery to banking.  As you gain more and more cash you can purchase more units and bonuses to speed up your cash flow, as well as hiring managers to work in your shops.

These managers are particularly handy as it means you don’t have to click on the franchise any more to generate profits, and they even generate income when the game is turned off.   Later on you’ll even be able to attract angel investors who will generate unique profit bonuses, but require you to reset the game to use them.

Like most incremental clickers, is AdVenture Capitalist a massive time-sink, but it’s a well crafted one that delivers an important message – greed is good!

Controls:  Mouse – Point  & Click

Available On:  Windows and Mac

Download AdVenture Capitalist Via Steam Here

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