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æ is a visually stunning pseudohorror exploration game where you leave your mountain-top cabin and venture into surreal noisecore purgatories.

In æ you leave behind the comforts of your home and explore a vast noisecore wilderness filled with bizarre and hauntingly beautiful black and white visuals. Your goal is to find five glyphs that will allow you to gross the Dead River with Charon. This may take a while as the world is large and it doesn’t really offer you any guidance, but it’s such a fascinating place to explore that it doesn’t really matter.

The lack of direction may frustrate some, but there really is nothing that looks like æ. There’s something interesting to discover in every direction, the sound design is excellent and any still image you take from the game looks like a work of art. A remarkable and mesmerizing game that’s filled with strange sights and eerie beauty.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look

Available On: Windows

Download æ Here

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